Market-led proposals

Tabled: 27 November 2019


AFP Australian Federal Police
BCR benefit-cost ratio
CBA cost-benefit analysis
CBD central business district
DEDJTR Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
DJPR Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
DoT Department of Transport
DPC Department of Premier and Cabinet
DTF Department of Treasury and Finance
ESTA Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
HPFV higher productivity freight vehicles
HVHR high value high risk
IDC interdepartmental committee
IRP Independent Review Panel
MLP market-led proposal
NGTSM National Guidelines for Transport System Management
NPV net present value
PPP public-private partnership
PSC Public Sector Comparator
SOE state-owned enterprise
SSP Shared Service Provider
VAGO Victorian Auditor-General's Office
VFM value for money
VPC Victoria Police Centre
VPPSS Victorian Police Physical Security Specifications
WACC weighted average cost of capital
WGT West Gate Tunnel
WTC World Trade Centre

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