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Measuring and reporting on service delivery


Each year, as part of the budget process, departments set output performance measures and targets to monitor how well they are delivering public goods and services.  

Our dashboard brings together the publicly reported results for departments’ output performance measures from 2008–09 to 2019–20, as publicly reported in the budget papers and agency annual reports. 

This dashboard allows you to compare departments’ performance against each other, and drill down to examine performance trends for individual measures over time. You can also export raw data on output performance measures, so you can conduct your own analysis.

The dashboard is part of our work for the performance audit Measuring and reporting on service delivery, which is due to table in May 2021.   

Audit objective

To determine whether the state’s departmental service performance measurement framework and reporting promotes accountability and informed decision-making.


VAGO audits over the past 20 years have repeatedly found significant weaknesses in how departments measure and report on performance. PAEC’s Report on the 2018–19 Budget Estimates also found significant shortcomings. 

Key issues include, but are not limited to, poor or absent links between objectives and output and/or outcome measures, lack of meaningful analysis of results, targets that are either unchallenging or induce perverse incentives, and important service areas without performance measurement. These limitations prevent Parliament and the public from properly understanding whether government agencies are effectively delivering their services and intended outcomes. 

This audit will assist in enhancing measurement and reporting of Victorian public service performance by shining a light on practice in departments.

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