Ravenhall Prison: Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Prisoners

Tabled: 19 March 2020

Appendix B. File review

Using Gateway, we followed the prisoner journey through Ravenhall’s reintegration and rehabilitation programs. This starts with assessment during their reception into the prison and extends to any post-release services they engage with. In doing this, we assessed if prisoners:

  • had their needs and risks assessed
  • were enrolled in (or offered) programs and support that were relevant and targeted to their needs
  • completed the programs that they were enrolled in.

We requested a list of sentenced prisoners discharged from Ravenhall prison in December 2018 and June 2019. We selected 20 prisoners in total from this list to include as part of our file review. This represents approximately 8 per cent of the 243 sentenced prisoners who were discharged in those two months.

In our assessment of completed rehabilitation and reintegration programs we did not include introductory and orientation sessions.

See the next page for a summary of the results. They have been presented in order of the prisoners’ length of stay at Ravenhall.

Figure B1
File review of Ravenhall's prisoner journey





Source: VAGO, based on GEO’s Gateway data.

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