Service Victoria: Digital delivery of government services

Expected to be tabled in March 2021



To determine whether digital delivery of government services has improved customer experiences and reduced transaction costs.


The government has made commitments to develop better digital channels and mobile services for service delivery. In May 2015, DPC launched Service Victoria with the aim of enhancing government online service delivery and improving customer experience. 

With hundreds of phone hotlines and over 500 different websites, accessing Victorian Government services and information can be difficult as well as costly to government and individuals. According to government estimates, the disparate systems for Victorians to contact government entities cost around $461 million and this figure could rise to $713 million by 2026 without changes to service delivery approach. 

Significant delays and cost overruns in delivering government information and communications technology (ICT) projects in the past raise questions regarding the timely delivery of services by Service Victoria and realisation of reduced transaction costs. In addition, citizens require confidence that governments will protect their privacy when they transact digitally. 

The audit will assess if Service Victoria is meeting its mandate to overcome current challenges in government digital delivery.

Proposed agencies

DPC and Service Victoria.

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