Systems and support for principal performance



To determine whether the Department of Education and Training (DET) supports and manages principals' development and performance to optimise student outcomes.


School principals are pivotal to ensuring that students have positive learning experiences. Each principal is responsible for encouraging and supporting their teachers to deliver high-quality education for all students. Principals strategically manage their school's day-to-day operations, including staff, finances, and assets, and ensure compliance with legislation, government policies and DET requirements. Principals are also members of their school council and provide further support in their role as executive officer.

DET supports the Minister for Education to run government schools. DET employs principals for up to five years and oversees their performance and development. It is critical that DET supports principals to effectively discharge their duties because principals' management practices can influence school learning programs and the learning environment. This audit will assess how DET supports its principals to meet their obligations.

This audit will examine the assistance provided by DET's regional offices, as well as its training, guidance, templates, and tools. It will also assess DET's principal performance reviews, including its strategies for holding principals accountable for their actions and decisions.

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