The Victorian Government ICT Dashboard

Expected to be tabled in June 2018


Objective To determine whether transparency in government ICT investments has improved since the development of the Victorian Government ICT dashboard.

Issues Our April 2015 report Digital Dashboard: Status Review of ICT Projects and Initiatives – Phase 1 found that determining the status and outcomes of public sector ICT initiatives was not an easy task. The report also noted that Victorian public sector agencies in general could not assure Parliament and the Victorian community that their ICT investments had resulted in sufficient public value to justify the significant expenditure of taxpayers’ money.

DPC published its ICT dashboard in late 2016 to show the status of government ICT projects with a value of over $1 million. The ICT dashboard is intended to improve transparency and accountability, and provide assurance that public resources have been spent in an efficient, effective and economical way.

This audit will determine whether the status of and expenditure on government ICT projects is now being accurately identified and reliably reported through the ICT dashboard.

Proposed agencies Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Treasury and Finance, Melbourne Water and Public Transport Victoria.