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Responses to Performance Audit Recommendations 2015–16 to 2017–18

In our first Assurance Review, we looked at how public entities monitored and responded to performance audit recommendations made by VAGO between 2015-16 and 2017-18.

Nothing has come to our attention to indicate that overall, agencies are not effectively implementing past performance audit recommendations.

Most agencies report having governance arrangements that allow their senior management and audit committees to monitor progress in implementing our audit recommendations.

Results of 2019 Audits: Universities

In Victoria, there are eight public universities, which control a further 48 entities that we are required to audit. Each year, we conduct the financial audits of these 56 entities.

This data dashboard data summarises the financial statement data for all Victorian universities.

Data dashboard

We have developed a data dashboard that summarises the financial statement data for all Victorian universities.

Appendix E. Better practice PD

Performance reviews enable organisations to understand their employees’ performance, professional development and contribution to the organisation’s performance.

Performance reviews have two purposes, to:

  • identify areas for growth and learning to form an employee’s PDP
  • inform administrative decisions on aspects of employment, such as salary progression or promotion.

Goal setting and performance appraisals are therefore essential elements of the performance review process.

Appendix D. Survey analysis

In February and March 2020, we surveyed Victorian Government school principals to support this audit. We did this to understand principals’ experiences with the PD process, what works well and what could work better.

We sent the survey to 1 332 principals across primary, secondary and special schools. We received 479 responses (a response rate of 36 per cent). Because the survey was optional, there was a risk that respondents did not represent the whole principal population due to self-selection.