Access to Public Sector Information

Tabled: 10 December 2015


Public sector information (PSI) is a powerful resource that could be better used to drive open government, innovation, commerce, and community engagement for the benefit of Victorians.

In responding to the 2009 parliamentary Inquiry into Improving Access to Victorian Public Sector Information and Data, government committed to transform the way the public sector provides access to its PSI by adopting an ‘open by default’ approach.

However, the agencies we examined are not providing the public with full and open access to the information to which they are entitled. This is largely because the critical foundation of comprehensive and sound information management practices has been neglected.

Ineffective whole-of-government leadership and governance of information management has failed to drive the significant cultural and operational changes needed to achieve open access to PSI.

Consequently, access to PSI has not significantly improved, falling well short of the government’s original intentions.

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