Quality of child protection data


We plan to determine whether DFFH has adequate controls to ensure the reliability of data in its Client Relationship Information System (CRIS).

Why this is important

CRIS is a critical data asset that is central to DFFH’s service delivery. It is one of 3 integrated client and case management systems DFFH uses for child protection, youth justice, disability services and early childhood intervention services.

DFFH is responsible for ensuring the quality of CRIS data to fulfil its operational obligations to vulnerable Victorians. This means that the system must be structured to capture accurate and appropriate data to support evidence-based policy that will improve the safety, wellbeing and health of these vulnerable cohorts.

What we plan to examine

In this reasonable assurance performance audit, we will examine whether DFFH has adequate controls to ensure the quality of data in CRIS.

We propose to scope DFFH into this engagement.



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