Racing Industry: Grants Management

Tabled: 28 November 2013

Racing Industry: Grants Management: Message

Ordered to be printed


PP No 284, Session 2010–13

The Hon. Bruce Atkinson MLC
Legislative Council
Parliament House
The Hon. Ken Smith MP
Legislative Assembly
Parliament House

Dear Presiding Officers

Under the provisions of section 16AB of the Audit Act 1994, I transmit my report on the audit Racing Industry: Grants Management.

This audit assessed whether the Department of Justice has effective processes to guide assessment and funding of grants to the racing industry and whether these grants are achieving their intended outcomes.

The audit found that the Department of Justice's management of racing industry grants over the past five years has been administratively weak. While there has been steady improvement since 2012, greater effort is needed to improve the transparency and accountability of grants assessments. The Department of Justice also needs to demonstrate that grants to the racing industry have achieved the desired outcomes.

Yours faithfully

Signature of John Doyle (Auditor-General)

John Doyle Auditor-General

28 November 2013

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