Safety on Victoria's Roads—Regional Road Barriers

Tabled: 18 June 2020

Appendix A. Submissions and comments

We have consulted with DoT (VicRoads) and TAC, and we considered their views when reaching our audit conclusions. As required by the Audit Act 1994, we gave a draft copy of this report, or relevant extracts, to those agencies and asked for their submissions and comments.

Responsibility for the accuracy, fairness and balance of those comments rests solely with the agency head.

Responses were received as follows:


RESPONSE provided by the Associate Secretary, DoT

DoT Response letter page 1

DoT Response letter page 2

DoT action plan page 1

DoT action plan page 2

DoT action plan page 3


RESPONSE provided by the Chief Executive Officer, TAC

TAC response letter page 1

TAC response letter page 2

TAC action plan page 1

TAC action plan page 2

TAC action plan page 3

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