Auditor-General’s Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria: 2017–18

Tabled: 24 October 2018

Regional Hospitals 2017–18 Dashboard

We have developed four data dashboards, which are interactive visualisation tools summarising the financial statement data for all Victorian public hospitals. They have been grouped into the following cohorts:

Do you need help using the dashboard? Read our dashboard instructions.

Dashboard instructions


Financial year selection

The dashboard contains data from three financial years.

  • When opening the dashboard for first time, by default 2017­–18 is selected.
  • To view the data for another financial year, click on that financial year.
  • If more than two financial years are selected, the charts will aggregate your selection results and show a single total value for your selection. To select multiple financial years, hold the ‘Ctrl’ button while you select the years.
Note: financial year selected in a page will be applied across all pages within the dashboard.

Year selection pane

Hospital selection

You can explore the data by selecting hospitals in the dashboards:

  • To view the data for just one hospital, click on that hospital.
  • To compare data for multiple hospitals in their cohorts, either click ‘select all’ or hold down the Ctrl button and select the relevant hospitals.
  • To clear your selection, hover over the hospitals pane and click the ‘Clear selections’ button at the top right of the pane (circled in red in the picture).

Hospital selection panel

To access a detailed view of each visualisation or selection tool, hover over the top right of each pane and click the ‘focus mode’ button.


To return to the dashboard from ‘focus mode’, click ‘Back to report’ at the top left of the window. 


To view other indicators, use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the window.


Or click on the number of pages to view a list of all indicators.

The pages are organised as follows:

  1. Financial statement
  2. Operating Revenue
  3. Capital and specific items revenue
  4. Operating expenditure
  5. Capital and specific items expenditure
  6. Capital and specific items expense
  7. Current Assets
  8. Non-current assets
  9. Current liabilities
  10. Non-current liabilities
  11. Equity
  12. Map showing hospital location and expenditure

Page selection tool

To view the dashboard at full screen, click the ‘Full screen’ button at the bottom right of the dashboard.


To share the dashboard via email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, click the ‘Share’ button at the bottom right of the dashboard.


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