Effectiveness of the Victorian Public Sector Commission

Tabled: 8 June 2017


The Victorian public sector comprises approximately 3 388 entities, employs about 286 000 people, and delivers a diverse range of services, such as healthcare, schools and roads. This requires a skilled public service capable of giving comprehensive and impartial advice to government, effectively and efficiently implementing policy, and delivering services.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) was established in 2014 to replace the State Services Authority. Its objectives are to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and capability of the public sector, and to maintain and advocate for public sector professionalism and integrity.

In this audit, we examine the effectiveness of VPSC, its governance and its oversight. We focus on organisational planning across VPSC and look at how it prioritises its resources and measures its performance.

We make three recommendations for VPSC and one for the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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