Effectiveness of the Victorian Public Sector Commission

Tabled: 8 June 2017

Appendix C. New Zealand State Services Commission

The New Zealand State Services Commission's (NZSSC) four-year performance framework contains objectives, outcomes, impact and output measures that enable an understanding of its overall performance, and are a useful guide for VPSC, as outlined in Figure C1.

Figure C1
NZSSC Performance Framework 2015–19: System Stewardship





State Services has the people, institutions and approach to anticipate and respond effectively to the needs of New Zealanders today and in the future.


  • A robust leadership pipeline develops and deploys future system leaders at all levels.
  • The Public Service has capacity and capability to anticipate and respond effectively to the changing needs of New Zealanders.
  • The system's institutions and public servants' behaviour supports and builds system legitimacy.

Priority activities

Leadership capability development and deployment

Work with agencies to build the leadership pipeline—implement a common approach to developing and deploying leaders for the State services.

Employment relations and effective people strategy

Grow system capability to design and implement effective and efficient people strategy and provide employment relations advice

Strengthen integrity of the State Services

Support the delivery of the Integrity Strategy for the State Services and New Zealand's Open Government Partnership commitments.

Impact measures

Talent pool

Percentage of stakeholders agreeing that tier 2 and tier 3 capability in the NZ Public Service is fit-for-purpose, increases (average score of 3.3 out of 5, or better in stakeholder survey).

Employment relations

Stakeholders are satisfied that SSC's oversight role of state sector employment relations achieves solutions within Government Expectations and provides for effective management of risk within and across agencies (SSC stakeholder survey)

Output measures

Talent deployment

12 deployments of senior leaders through Career Boards

Leadership development

90 per cent of the Career Board cohort has been assessed using a standard framework and have agreed Individual Development Plans.

Policy output measures (policy may relate to any portfolio)

Policy advice

Minister of State Services has 70 per cent satisfaction with policy advice

Policy quality

Technical quality of policy advice papers rated at 70 per cent

Policy cost

Total cost per output hour at $170.

Outcome measures (reflect the activities of all portfolios)

Results achievement

90 of Better Public Services results are on track to be achieved

Service quality

Overall Kiwis Count service quality score of 73

Source: VAGO, based on New Zealand State Services Commission.

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