State Purchase Contracts

Tabled: 20 September 2018

Appendix C. State Purchase Contracts

Figure C1 shows SPCs as at June 2017 and their sourcing arrangements.

Figure C1
SPCs as at 30 June 2017


Goods and services provided

Sourcing arrangement


Cash and Banking Services

Cash and banking services including transaction processing and working capital management

Sole supplier

Document Mail Exchange (DX Services)

Government document pick‑up and delivery services

Sole supplier

Electricity—Small and Medium Enterprise and Residential Sites

Supply of electricity to sites consuming less than 40 megawatt hours per annum

Sole supplier

Electricity—Large sites

Electricity for large sites

Sole supplier

Fleet Disposals

Vehicle disposal—collection, remediation/repair and sale

Sole supplier

Fuel and Associated Products

Fuel cards that allow fleet users to purchase fuel at a discounted price, delivery of discounted-price bulk fuel to government depots

Closed panel

Marketing Services Register

Creative services in advertising and communication


Master Agency Media Services

Media strategy, planning, buying and reporting services for campaign, functional and recruitment advertising

Sole supplier

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles—passenger, light commercial and motorcycles

Open panel

Natural Gas

Supply of natural gas to both small and large sites

Sole supplier

Postal Services

Selected postal services, i.e. domestic parcels—Parcel Post and e-parcel and international mail

Sole supplier

Print Management Services

Print management services, digital publishing, mail house and warehousing solutions

Sole supplier


Professional advisory services within four categories:

  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Financial Assessment Services
  • Probity Services

Open panel

Security Services

Static guarding, patrolling sites, mail and parcel scanning, alarm response and other ad hoc requirements

Closed panel

Staffing Services

Temporary staffing services (mandatory) and permanent personnel (optional) under the administration, information technology and specialised categories

Closed panel

Stationery and Workplace Consumables

Stationery and workplace consumables such as paper, ICT consumables, general stationery and filing

Sole supplier

Travel Management Services

Travel management services including booking services, discounted airfares, hotel rates and car rental prices, account management and travel data reporting

Sole supplier


Citrix Products and Services

Citrix software, hardware, technical support, professional services and training

Sole supplier

Data Centre Facilities

Provision of data centre facilities

Sole supplier

End User Computing Equipment Panel

Apple devices, Chrome devices, desktop computers, mobility devices and notebook computers

Closed panel

eServices Register

ICT services and related products such as geo-spatial data services and ICT business process expertise


IBM Enterprise Licensing Agreement

Software support for government's fleet of IBM perpetual licences

Sole supplier

Intra-Government Secured Network

High bandwidth data network service links at bandwidths ranging from 100 MBps to 10 GBps

Sole supplier

IT Infrastructure Register

Servers, storage and network equipment, maintenance and support of new and legacy network equipment


Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft products and services

Sole supplier

Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider

Microsoft does not sell directly to government departments and agencies. This SPC appoints the approved third-party supplier to provide Microsoft products

Sole supplier

Multifunction Devices and Printers

Devices and printers that can either scan, print, copy and facsimile—excludes publication printing and printing paper

Closed panel

Oracle Software and Support

Specified range of Oracle products

Sole supplier

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management

Specified range of Salesforce cloud services

Sole supplier

Telecommunications Purchasing and Management Strategy

Telecommunication services including data, voice, mobile, internet and unified services

Closed panel

Victorian Office Telephony Services

Office telephony and related facilities management service

Sole supplier

VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement

Specified range of VMware products

Open panel


Legal Services Panel

Litigation and dispute resolution relating to various areas of law

Closed panel



Identity management and security software

Sole supplier

Source: VAGO, based on information from DTF, DPC, DJR and Cenitex.

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