Asset Management and Maintenance by Councils

Tabled: 19 February 2014

Asset Management and Maintenance by Councils: Message

Ordered to be printed


PP No 298, Session 2010–14

The Hon. Bruce Atkinson MLC
Legislative Council
Parliament House
The Hon. Christine Fyffe MP
Legislative Assembly
Parliament House

Dear Presiding Officers

Under the provisions of section 16AB of the Audit Act 1994, I transmit my report on the audit Asset Management and Maintenance by Councils.

The audit assessed whether local councils effectively manage their physical infrastructure assets. It examined whether they have developed and applied sound strategic frameworks for asset management, and implemented efficient and effective asset management practices. It also reviewed the guidance and support provided to councils in managing these assets.

The report identified significant deficiencies in asset renewal planning and practice, the quality of asset management plans, the linking of service levels to these plans, the development of asset management information systems, and in councils' monitoring, evaluation and reporting on asset management.

The continuing growth in councils' asset renewal gaps remains of considerable concern. Local Government Victoria should provide improved asset management guidance and support to councils, as outlined in the report, and work more closely with them on this, and other common issues identified.

Yours faithfully

Signature of John Doyle (Auditor-General)

John Doyle

19 February 2014

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