Fair presentation of service delivery performance—2022


We plan to determine whether DET fairly presents their schools’ service delivery performance.

Why this is important

DTF delivers Budget Paper No. 3 Service Delivery (BP3) in May each year. BP3 outlines the government's priorities for the goods and services it will provide to Victorians. BP3 also specifies the measures and targets it uses to determine whether they are achieving what they set out to. 

Parliament and the community want departments to fairly present their service performance and accurately report those results. However, our audits have found significant and persistent weaknesses in departments' performance reporting, including weak links between the objectives they set and the way they measure success.

What we plan to examine

This limited assurance review is the first in a series on the fair presentation of performance information. We will explore whether measures are material to departmental performance, how targets are set, how they are defined as met, and whether departmental performance statements provide an accessible understanding of performance against budget.

Our 2022–23 review proposes to scope in DET as our initial agency in focus.



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