Police management of property and exhibits

Expected to be tabled in September 2018


Objective To determine whether Victoria Police storage and security of property and exhibits supports frontline staff and minimises associated risks.

Issues Victoria Police collects a vast range of property in the course of its activities. There are four different types of property—found, seized, surrendered and created.
Property and exhibits are held at local police stations and in other police facilities and storage warehouses. An exhibit is any property in police custody which may be used in court as evidence.

While this is primarily an administrative function of policing, mismanagement of property and exhibits poses risks to the administration of justice and can impact the community’s perception of police integrity. Risks associated with property and exhibits management include the failure to preserve evidence, liability for damaged/missing property, arbitrary deprivation of property, misuse of sensitive or private information and/or workplace accidents.

This audit will examine whether Victoria Police appropriately store and secure property and exhibits.

Proposed agencies Victoria Police.