Police Management of Property and Exhibits

Tabled: 5 September 2018

Appendix B. PEMRP project streams

Figure B1
PEMRP projects

Project Owner

Project Descriptions

Infrastructure and IT Department

  • Develop standards for property and exhibit holding sites, and support sites to ensure standards are met.
  • Undertake a feasibility study to identify future options to deliver best value in the management of Victoria Police property and exhibits.
  • Identify the potential to recover antecedent storage costs from the Asset Confiscation Office.
  • Ensure handling and storage of seized/surrendered firearms and ammunition comply with legislative requirements.
  • Explore cost-effective options for destruction of regulated and prohibited weapons that minimise risk.


  • Advocate legislative reform to enable the taking of samples and immediate destruction of bulk cannabis and equipment.
  • Establish a standardised approach and scope for obtaining FoF for GVM at the earliest opportunity.
  • Evaluate the opportunity for legislative reform (section47 of the Evidence Act 2008) to expand the scope of secondary evidence and advocate for change.
  • Advocate legislative reform of section78 of the Magistrates' Court Act 1989 to enable the use of an item seized under a search warrant for investigative purposes without a requirement to 'return the warrant' to a magistrate.
  • Advocate amendment to section57 of the Victoria Police Act 2013 to reduce three months to one month before unclaimed property may be disposed of.
  • Review the disposal process for property on hand linked to briefs filed for more than six months with a warrant of apprehension.
  • Options Paper: End to End Policy Ownership of Property and Exhibits Management.
  • Establish a community of practice for property officers to support property and exhibit management best practice and risk management.
  • Review and develop policy for disposal of mobile phones and portable data storage devices.
  • Undertake a feasibility study for the outsourcing of lost and found property and a web-based register.

Forensic Services Department

  • Review and develop procedures and standards for the destruction of cannabis.
  • Review and establish best methods of packaging to ensure continuity and integrity of property and exhibits, and minimise OHS and ethical risks.
  • FSD develops a timetable for the delivery of surrendered or forfeited firearms to Ballistics Section that maximises efficiencies.

Legal Services Department

  • Revise the test of essentiality decision-making tool in regard to seizure and retention of items/exhibits.
  • Broadmeadows Prosecutions Pilot within the case conference process for disposal of exhibits not required (by agreement with defence).
  • Develop policy for early lawful disposal of items held on behalf of the coroner, and arrangements for coroner payment of storage costs where property must be retained.

People Development Command

  • Undertake a training needs analysis in relation to the management of property and exhibits, and develop a suite of ongoing professional development and training activities to address identified capability gaps.

Crime Command

  • Establishment and conclusion of taskforces and squads with reassignment of property and exhibits still on hand to a nominated unit manager.
  • Review the current policy for the storage of unsolved serious crime exhibits and amend to include programmed review of items retained in relation to unsolved serious crime to mitigate risk.
  • Regions Command Divisions and Victoria Police Forensic Services Centre to develop and action an FoF plan for disposal of all drugs held longer than 24 months.

Source: VAGO based on information provided by Victoria Police.

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