Results of 2018‒19 Audits: Local Government

Tabled: 27 November 2019


The Victorian local government sector consists of 79 councils, 10 regional library corporations and 17 associated entities.

This report provides Parliament with an outline of the results of our financial and performance audits of the entities within the sector, and our observations, for the year ended 30 June 2019. It also provides our assessment of the financial sustainability of the sector at 30 June 2019.

Local Government dashboard

Our dashboard is an interactive visualisation tool summarising the financial statement data for Victoria’s 79 councils.

We grouped councils into five cohorts based on size, demographics and funding:

  •  metropolitan—predominately urban in character and located within Melbourne’s densely populated urban core
  • interface—one of the nine municipalities that form a ring around metropolitan Melbourne
  • regional city—urban and partly rural in character
  • large shire—a municipality with more than 16 000 inhabitants that is predominantly rural in character
  • small shire—a municipality with fewer than 16 000 inhabitants that is predominantly rural in character.

The cohorts are consistent with Local Government Victoria’s classification of council types.

See below for our dashboard instructions.

Click here to download the data for this dashboard.

Dashboard instructions


General instructions for all pages

The dashboard is easiest to navigate in the full screen view. Click the button at the bottom right of the window.


To access the detailed view for each chart, click on the chart and select the 'Focus Mode' button at the top right of the window.

Full Screen infograph

To return to the dashboard from 'Focus Mode', click 'Back to Report' at the top left of the window.

BackToReport  infograph


The ‘Financial summary’ and ‘Financial composition’ pages have a pre-set hierarchy. This enables the user to drill through the following levels:

  1. Sector
  2. Cohort
  3. Council

To navigate through these levels, click on the chart and the following icons will appear on the top left of the chart:

Up arrow, down arrow and split arrow infographs

These buttons allow you to drill up and down each level of the dataset.

To drill down one level, click on the 'Go to the next level in the hierarchy' button

Down Arrows  infograph

To drill down all options one level, click on the ‘Expand all down one level in the hierarchy’ button

Split Arrows  infograph

To drill up a level, click on the 'Drill up' button

Up Arrow  infograph


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