Annual Report 2017–18

Tabled: 20 September 2018


Last year we focused on building VAGO's leadership team, getting the right structure in place and improving our external relationships. This year we have turned the lens inwards and assessed VAGO's own practices, particularly our use of technology and the way we spend our resources. We have also been quite deliberate in applying our audit findings to ourselves, leading to several important adjustments to our practices.

I am pleased with the considerable savings we've made by reducing internal red tape and reviewing our ICT systems—savings we then redirected to our audit work, providing more value to Victorians. We have adopted new technologies as we aim to be at the forefront of audit technology and methodology.

One major achievement this year has been the creation of a new vision and strategic plan—a clear direction and a map for how we will meet future challenges. This plan outlines our hopes and aspirations for VAGO. We have begun to better explore our full mandate, are trying to better measure our impact and are leading the way by becoming a more effective and efficient organisation. But as we've expanded our focus on using and sharing data, we are encountering emerging issues around data security and privacy. We are working with our stakeholders closely on this and taking a collaborative approach to resolving these matters.

I am most proud this year of the work, led by our staff, to develop and commit to a new set of organisational values, which reflect how we want to work with each other and our stakeholders.

Another important step that will improve our work is updating the Audit Act 1994. I was disappointed that the proposed Bill was not passed this year as the new powers and clarifications it contained would go a long way to modernising our practices. I'm optimistic that the new Parliament will see merit in the proposed legislative changes reflecting the considerable effort that my office and others put into its development. If these proposed changes are passed by the new Parliament, VAGO will be able to be more responsive and accountable, and ultimately provide a better service to Victorians.

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Andrew Greaves

20 September 2018

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