Annual Report 2017–18

Tabled: 20 September 2018


This report covers the activities of VAGO for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. It is prepared in accordance with the Audit Act 1994 and the Financial Management Act 1994, and complies with the requirements of relevant Australian Accounting Standards and Interpretations, Standing Directions and Financial Reporting Directions.

This year we have once again considered integrated reporting principles, such as materiality and value creation, when preparing this report. We also have introduced elements of transparency reporting used widely by the audit profession, to better inform Parliament and Victorians about our operations. Following the development of our new strategic plan, we have also considered our own strategic objectives when determining what is most important to include.

This report cost $70 000 to produce.

Transparency reporting has its origins in the private sector and encourages disclosing more information about how an organisation operates and how this affects its performance.

Integrated reporting is strategic, future-focused reporting that explains how an organisation draws on the resources and relationships available to it, to create value over time.





This year for the first time we have developed a dashboard of our workforce data. A profile of all VAGO employees is included in Appendix A of the report, but this dashboard allows that data to be filtered and manipulated.


The dashboard is easiest to navigate in the full screen view. Click the button at the bottom right of the window. Full screen mode button

You can use the drop down menus to filter the data.

You can select a single segment of data by clicking the relevant box, or can compare various segments by holding the Ctrl button and selecting multiple boxes.

To clear your selection, click the ‘clear selections’ button at the top right of the pane (circled in red in the picture) which will appear when you hover over that area.

Clear selection button

You can also access a detailed view for each indicator. Hover over the chart and click the ‘focus mode’ button at the top right of the window.


To return to the dashboard from ‘focus mode’, click ‘Back to report’ at the top left of the window.

Back to report button

To share the dashboard via email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, click the ‘Share’ button at the bottom left of the window. share button

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