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Major projects performance


This dashboard collates information on major projects (>$100 million) disclosed in Budget Paper No. 4: State Capital Program (BP4) published from 2014–15 to 2021–22. A BP4 is published at the discretion of the government and is tabled in the Victorian Parliament as part of the State Budget Papers.

The dashboard provides an overview of major projects in Victoria that were reported as new or existing in BP4 from 2014–15 to 2021–22. There is also information about total estimated investment (TEI) and time changes that have occurred over time.

For the purpose of this dashboard, we define a major project as a capital project or program of works with a TEI of $100 million or more.

Project names are inconsistent across BP4s. For this analysis, we manually renamed projects to their most recently disclosed name where possible. We also amended projects to show the current names of agencies if they have changed since original publication.

This dashboard is part of our work on the major projects performance audit, which is scheduled to table in 2021.


To assess whether public sector reporting of major capital projects contains relevant and sufficient information to enable parliament to understand project performance against approved scope, cost, time and benefit expectations.


Victoria has an expansive list of capital projects underway. In 2019–20, the Victorian Government reported $107 billion in funded projects, with another estimated $150 billion in projects announced but not yet funded. Budget Paper No. 4: State Capital Program is the key public resource on the estimated expenditures of recently completed projects, projects underway and newly funded projects. This document does not expressly highlight project time and cost pressures or benefits realisation.

Research has identified a tendency to underestimate costs and overestimate benefits during projects’ conceptualisation and approval processes, which is a symptom of optimism bias. In major state capital projects, this can have consequences for Victorians, such as delays in obtaining needed infrastructure or increased costs to the state.

This audit will review and assess a selection of major capital project outcomes to provide transparency and clarity to taxpayers and Parliament about public investment in capital projects and whether targets and expectations are being met. These results will be collated and reported in a public-facing performance dashboard.

Proposed agencies

DTF and all general government sector agencies and public non-financial corporations with individual capital projects that are estimated to cost more than $100 million.

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