Recovering and Reprocessing Resources from Waste

Tabled: 6 June 2019

Acronyms & Abbreviations

C&D construction and demolition
C&I commercial and industrial
CRWM combustible recyclable and waste materials
DELWP Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
DTF Department of Treasury and Finance
EPA Environment Protection Authority
FOGO food organics and garden organics
GFV Getting Full Value
LHFW Love Food Hate Waste
MDS Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources
MILL Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MSW municipal solid waste
MUD multi-unit development
MWRRG Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group
MWRRIP Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan
NSW New South Wales
PAN pollution abatement notice
RISP Recycling Industry Strategic Plan
RSS ResourceSmart Schools
RWRRIP regional waste and resource recovery implementation plan
SA South Australia
SV Sustainability Victoria
SWRRIP Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan
TZW Towards Zero Waste
TZWMP Towards Zero Waste Management Plan 2019–23
VAGO Victorian Auditor-General's Office
VLGAWSR Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report
VORRS Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy
VRIAR Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Water Services Report
WES Victorian Waste Education Strategy
WRR PCB Waste and Resource Recovery Project Control Board
WRRG waste and resource recovery group
WRRIP waste and resource recovery implementation plan
WtE waste to energy
Banyule Council Banyule City Council
C&I Strategy Metropolitan C&I Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy
CRWM PIA Management and storage of CRWM Policy Impact Assessment
CRWM Policy 2018 Waste Management Policy (Combustible Recyclable and Waste Materials)
e-waste electronic waste
e-waste PIA Managing e-waste in Victoria Policy Impact Assessment
e-waste Policy Waste Management Policy (e-waste)
MAC Review Ministerial Advisory Committee Review on Waste and Resource Recovery Governance Reform
Monash Council City of Monash Council
MUDs toolkit Improving resource recovery in multi-unit developments toolkit
the Act The Environment Protection Act 1970
the Framework Victorian Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Planning Framework
the Guideline Data and Reporting Guideline for Waste Management Facilities
the Minister Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change
the Standards Better Apartment Design Standards
the Taskforce Resource Recovery Facilities Audit Taskforce

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