Annual Report 2018–19

Tabled: 29 August 2019

Appendix G. Additional information available on request

This report and our website publish all information required by the Standing Directions 2018 under the Financial Management Act 1994.

We can provide further details on the information items listed below if requested, subject to the freedom of information requirements, if applicable:

  • a statement that declarations of pecuniary interests have been duly completed by all relevant staff of the office
  • details of shares held by a senior officer as nominee or held beneficially in a statutory authority or subsidiary
  • details of changes in prices, fees, charges, rates and levies charged by our office
  • audit fees, which are revised every year
  • details of overseas visits, including a summary of the objectives and outcomes of each visit
  • details of assessments and measures to improve the occupational health and safety of staff
  • a general statement on industrial relations in the office and details of time lost through industrial accidents and disputes
  • a list of major committees we sponsor, the purposes of each, and the extent to which they have achieved their purposes
  • further information on our environmental performance
  • details of all consultants and contractors, including:
    • consultants and contractors engaged
    • services provided
    • spending committed to for each engagement.

This information can be requested from our Freedom of Information Officer, as listed in Appendix F.

The following information is available from our website:

  • details of documents we published about our activities
  • copies of all our reports since 1956.

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