Enrolment Processes at Technical and Further Education Institutes

Tabled: 11 September 2019

Appendix B. The contract's key enrolment requirements

This appendix summarises the key enrolment requirements under the contract and its supporting guidelines.

Figure B1
The contract's key enrolment requirements

Key requirements

Provide information to individuals about eligibility, courses, fees, and support

TAFEs must provide accurate information about:

  • how the course will affect the individual's training outcome
  • how enrolment will impact access to future government subsidised training
  • tuition fees.

TAFEs must publish information about fees on its website.

Assess individual's eligibility in accordance with eligibility requirements

TAFEs must ensure individuals meet eligibility requirements for:

  • citizenship and residency
  • age and upskilling (enrolling in a higher qualification than their highest qualification held)
  • two-course rule (no more than two government subsidised courses in a year, two at the same time, or two at the same level within a lifetime)
  • particular initiatives (for example, Latrobe Valley Initiative, Back to Work Scheme).

TAFEs must:

  • have a documented business process for assessing eligibility
  • retain evidence of eligibility
  • complete a Skills First student eligibility and student declaration form and declare what evidence it sighted and retained in assessing student eligibility.
  • Individuals must declare that the information they provided is true and accurate.

Pre-training reviews

TAFEs must complete a pre-training reviews to determine if the course is suitable for the individual. It must consider their:

  • aspirations and interests
  • existing educational attainment and capabilities
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • competencies previously acquired
  • digital capabilities and access to technology (if course delivered online).

TAFEs must also:

  • assess if the course learning strategies and materials are appropriate for the individual and identify any reasonable adjustments
  • document how it determined if the course was suitable for the individual
  • retain evidence of the pre-training reviews
  • have a documented process for the pre-training reviews.

TAFEs cannot subcontract any aspect of the pre-training reviews.

The pre-training reviews must occur as part of enrolment or prior to training.

Statistical questions

TAFEs must:

  • administer standard enrolment questions in the Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines about the individual's background and a privacy notice during enrolment collect individual student IDs as part of enrolment—national Unique Student Identifier and Victorian Student Number
  • report answers to mandatory standard enrolment questions to the department as part of a national statistical collection.

Individuals must sign a privacy notice as part of the standard enrolment questions.

Statement of fees

The TAFE must provide individuals with the following information about the course in hard copy or electronic form:

  • code and title of course
  • location and duration
  • training and assessment details, and support services
  • hourly tuition rate with concessions and exemptions applied
  • amount of government subsidy.

TAFEs must:

  • test an individual for any concessions or exemption/waiver of tuition fees and report to the department
  • provide a statement of fees to an individual prior to commencement of training
  • retain evidence of concession
  • retain and make available to the department evidence of the statement of fees for each individual enrolled under Skills First.

Training plan

The TAFE must provide individuals with the following information in hard copy or electronic form:

  • qualification name and code
  • qualification total hours and completion date
  • name and code for each unit
  • instructor, total hours, delivery mode, completion date for each unit
  • assessment details
  • any recognition of prior learning and reasonable adjustment identified in the pre‑training reviews.

TAFE and individual must sign and endorse the training plan.

Source: VAGO, based on the contract.

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