Enrolment Processes at Technical and Further Education Institutes

Tabled: 11 September 2019

Appendix E. Calculation of confidence intervals and bootstrapping test results

Figures E1 and E2 detail confidence intervals and bootstrapping test results for the median time taken to process an individual's enrolment at Melbourne Polytechnic, Swinburne, and William Angliss. Bootstrapping is used to calculate confidence intervals for median enrolment time. The bootstrapping technique uses repeated resampling of data (with replacement) to determine variation in an estimate.


Figure E1 details the start and end points for the enrolment processes managed by each TAFE, based on their unique enrolment systems. We assessed the pathways of each individual that finalised their enrolment at the three TAFEs and extracted the times and dates for their unique start and end points.

Figure E1
Enrolment start and end points and time frames used for calculation of median processing time


Start point

End point

Time frame

Melbourne Polytechnic

Student submits online application form

TAFEs issues student with receipt

January 2017 to December 2018


Student commences online application form

TAFEs offers student a place in the course

January 2017 to March 2019

William Angliss

Student submits online application

TAFE supports student to enrol in units

August 2018 to March 2019

Note: Our analysis for Swinburne begins when the prospective student commences their application, as Swinburne's online application form contains critical enrolment steps, such as eligibility testing, the pre-training review, and literacy and numeracy testing.
Note: We have chosen end points that correspond with the stage that the TAFE's involvement in the enrolment process ceases. At this point, the enrolment process may become wholly driven by the student or conclude.
Source: VAGO.

Figure E2 presents the median time taken for TAFEs to process an individual's enrolment, as well as the 95 per cent confidence interval of the estimation of the median. The lower and upper bounds of the confidence interval show the range of values that we are 95 per cent confident the true median enrolment times lies within.

Figure E2
TAFE median enrolment time and confidence intervals


Number of individuals

Median enrolment time (days)— 50th percentile

Median enrolment time (days)— 2.5th percentile

Median enrolment time (days)— 97.5th percentile

Melbourne Polytechnic

11 197





8 037




William Angliss





Source: VAGO.

We also used bootstrapping to estimate the time difference between each pair of TAFEs separately, using a 95 per cent confidence interval:

  • Swinburne is 3.26 to 4.35 days faster than Melbourne Polytechnic.
  • Melbourne Polytechnic is 47.49 to 53.24 days faster than William Angliss.
  • Swinburne is 51.09 to 56.97 days faster than William Angliss.

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