Contract Management Capability in DHHS: Service Agreements

Tabled: 20 September 2018

Appendix B. Performance standards established in DHHS service agreements

Figure B1
Performance standards established in DHHS service agreements



Clause 3.1

States that organisations need to:

  • deliver the services in a proper, timely and efficient manner using the standard that would reasonably be expected from an expert and experienced provider of the services
  • act in accordance with the highest applicable professional ethics, principles and standards
  • obtain and maintain relevant accreditation or registration
  • comply with the standards and performance targets.

Clause 3.6

Requires that organisations remain accredited and undertake a performance review against the standards, by an independent review body, every three years.

Schedule 1

Lists the relevant DHHS policies that organisations must comply with. These include, but are not limited to the:

  • Policy and Funding Guidelines, which detail the funding conditions and performance measures for each funded health and human services activity
  • Service agreement information kit for funded organisations, which summarises service agreement terms and conditions, specific DHHS policies (such as incident reporting and fire risk management), and funding and payment information.

The schedule also lists various SSGs that organisations are required to comply with. These range from strategies and frameworks to program manuals, practice guidelines and client audit tools. DHHS Service Standards is part of this list.

Note: The agreement defines 'the standards' as those performance standards made under the Children Youth and Families Act 2005 and Disability Act 2006, and any standards developed or endorsed by DHHS.
Source: VAGO.

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